In the living room, Christopher Robin was sitting on the couch. His father, Dimitri, was very angry at him because he got suspended from first grade at school for three days.

"Christopher Robin, how dare you get suspended from first grade at junior high for three days?" Dimitri scolded, wagging his finger at him.

Christopher Robin glared at him. "It's not my fault Dad." he yelled. "Jake Hamilton kept throwing his mashed potatoes at me and calling me nasty names!"

"And you gave him a dark eye and a broken nose." said Dimitri.

"Who cares Dad?" said Christopher Robin.

"That's it," shouted Dimitri. "You're grounded!"

"I don't care Dad!" Christopher Robin snapped angrily.

With that, he banged on his chest "Do not bang on your chest!" Dimitri warned.

But Christopher Robin didn't care. "No Dad!" He said. He carried on banging on his chest.

"Now go to your room!" said Dimitri.

"No!" Christopher Robin yelled, "I hate you!"

Dimitri was now furious. "Christopher Robin, how dare you say that? That's it! You are so grounded for two weeks! And that means you cannot go to the museum with your best friends, Darwin and Gumball!"

It was Wendy Darling's turn to be mad at her brother. "Christopher Robin, listen to your father!" she said, wagging her finger at him. "He said that you're grounded for two weeks for getting suspended from first grade at junior high for three days!"

"Wendy, why do you always have to be so bossy?" Christopher Robin said angrily.

"I'm getting Peter right now!" And he ran off to get Peter Pan.

Peter angrily ran downstairs to the living room. "Christopher Robin, I heard you got suspended from first grade at school for three days for giving Jake Hamilton a dark eye and a broken nose." he said, "Your father was right! You are grounded for two weeks!"

"That means no American Dad, no Family Guy, no Simpsons, no Rugrats, no Powerpuff Girls, no Futurama, no South Park, no Dexter's Laboratory, no Courage the Cowardly Dog, no Time Squad, no Samurai Jack, no Hey Arnold, no Angry Beavers, no Wild Thornberrys, no King of the Hill, no Hanna-Barbera cartoons, no Super Mario Bros, no Donkey Kong, no Sonic the Hedgehog, no Jumping Flash, no Rayman, and no more ANYTHING until you learn to obey your my rules! Now go to your room!"

Christopher Robin became very angry. He glared angrily at Dimitri, Wendy, and Peter and told them, "You guys are as evil as Sarousch!" He then went upstairs to his room in tears, where his sister, Jenny Foxworth, are waiting for him.