In his bedroom, Pinocchio wrote a note for running away. Then, he packed his clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, a few snacks in case he gets hungry, a picture of his family members. He climbed out the window and jumped down. Pinocchio took one last look at the Comeau house and left.

In Monster World, Pinocchio says well Mom and Dad if you yelled I'll Never see you again.

When it was 6:30, dinnertime came. "Pinocchio! Dinner's ready!" But there was no response. Cinderella went upstairs to check on Pinocchio. "Pinocchio, are you okay?" she asked when suddenly, she saw a note on the pillow and it reads "Dear Mom and Dad, I have run away because you mistreated me too much. I hope you will never see us again in Monster World. Sincerely yours, Pinocchio." Cinderella began to cry and ran downstairs to tell Sinbad and their daughter Shanti,.

"Shanti! Where's Pinocchio? What happened to him?" Cinderella asked, frantically. "He's gone!" Shanti told her. Shanti went over to Bagheera. "Mary? Where's your brother?" "Pinocchio ran away from home because Dad mistreated him too much!" Shanti explained. "And I'm afraid that he will get killed and I'll might never see him again!" Cinderella cried and broke down a few sobs. Sinbad comforted her and said "Don't worry. We'll find him, and then we will bring him back, I promise." he reassured her. And with that, Sinbad, Cinderella and Shanti went outside to look for the missing boy.