Skunk had a plan to make fun of Roo by throwing a giant enemy crab at his arm. So he went to Mary Test's home. Mary was there to meet Skunk. Roo was also there. While Mary decided to watch Match Game, Skunk threw a giant enemy crab at Roo's arm. Skunk laughed so hard that he could not bare it and Roo got a broken arm. Mary called the amblulance and took Roo to the hospital. While the doctor was fixing Roo's arm, Mary called Eric and told him to come and pick up Skunk. When Roo got back to Mary's home, he told Skunk that he would be punished. Eric came, picked up Skunk, and took him home. Eric was dissapointed at Skunk. Skunk was punished and he got grounded for two weeks and he was sent to bed without dinner.